We are America's video editor.

Based in Chicago, Illinois — Edit Engine is the nation's leading, premier video editing company with both consumer and business video editing services. Founded in 2016 as an off-shoot subsidiary service of Vanilla Video, Edit engine launched as a full-service editing service for video producers nationwide.

With a growing video production team in Chicago, and over 2,000 videos filmed and edited, we decided to bring our additional editing capacity to market. Knowing how hard it is to grow a business, and how expensive employee costs and overhead can be, Edit Engine is here to help video professionals scale their business. Working with a freelance editor can easily become problematic when they become unavailable with scheduling conflicts. Trying to bring on an editor as an employee comes with many of its own challenges. We are here to handle your video editing needs, from the simple to the complex.

And for consumers just looking to do something with their raw footage, we can help you too. While we primarily service creative agencies and video producers with multiple video projects, we are happy to service indnvidual video editing requests too.

Edit Engine as your video partner.

We have 8 full-time team members and growing. Our team is solely focused on video, and continues to grow year after year. Because we operate our own video production firm in Chicago we understand the real-world challenges associated with producing a multitude of videos for a variety of needs. Not to mention, we have edited just about everything you can imagine, for a dynamic range of brands and even many Fortune 500 companies.

Our team handles hundreds of wedding videos per year, along with hundreds of business and corporate videos ranging in complexity and needs. Our editors are experienced in motion GFX, animation along with high-end cinematography which requiring stylistic editing. We know how to find a story, even sans scripted.

Having 60+ years of combined video experience, working with a number of non-linear video editing softwares, we can handle just about anything. Being in business for 4+ years, serving thousands of customers, we know how to partner up for a win-win experience. If you are looking for a video editor to partner with on your projects, Edit Engine is a perfect fit. Whether you are a creative agency looking to outsource video editing or a small-time video producer yourself that has a backlog of projects — we can help.

We prefer Adobe Premiere and After Effects for editing, but can accompany Final Cut and other editing suites as well. We're ready to handle 4k video, 1080p and a variety of editing workflows. Once we understand how you want to communicate and work, we'll act just like we are a part of your team and adjust to your preferences.

If you don't have an editing workflow yet, don't worry! We have a full-time web developer, and experience to help create an editing workflow unique to your business. So even if you are just looking to expand your video business and editng capabilities, but aren't quite sure how, we are here and would love to discuss partnering.

Meet Our Team

Corey Olson CEO & Co-Founder

Frank Romano VP of Sales & Co-Founder

Isaac Carlson Edit Engineer

Cassie Stockigt Edit Engineer

Ian Hitre Creative Director

Nick Romano Edit Engineer

Thomas Casselman Edit Engineer

Our mission at Edit Engine

We help video producers, creative agencies and media makers enhance and expand their business. By off-loading video editing to our experienced professionals and editors, creatives have the freedom to grow their brand without restriction or heavy overhead costs.

Highly Scalable

Whether you have 20 projects a year, or 20 projects a week, our team can handle any workload you send us.

Creative Control

We familiarize with your creative style, editing to your standards. No need to sacrifice style for convenience.

Superb Quality

An all American team with 2,000+ videos under portfolio. Edit Engine delivers consistent, high-quality edits.

Chicago (US) Office

Our corporate headquarters in Chicago, Illinois (US) is open 24-hours for employees and has 12 dual-screen, high-end video editing workstations. An open loft and lounge layout, customers are welcome to visit with a scheduled appointment.

Edit Engine corporate office in Chicago, Illinois

Edit Engine is your editor & partner in video editing.

Cost effective

Hiring a full-time or part-time employee can be expensive, not to mention training or equipment and software costs.

On-demand editing

Why keep an editor on staff? Our team is here year-round, ready to handle any workload. Scale up or down as needed, anytime.

Dynamic Skillset

Whether you need simple editing, advanced animation, typography, motion graphics and more. We can handle complex projects.

Ready to discuss your video projects? Yeah, let's go!