Simple pricing for any edit.

We believe in transparent pricing. While editing requirements are unique to each project — all our pricing is openly available. Contact us to get a time estimate on your project. We'll review the footage and specifications to get an accurate quote.

Half Day

$ 259 / half day
  • Quick and simple projects
  • We'll get it done. Trust us!
  • Divisible by 0, Min order 1


$ 429 / day
  • Common for a lot of edits.
  • Good things take time!
  • Divisible by 0, Min order 1


$ / week
  • Big or multiple video edits
  • Standard 40 hours included
  • Divisible by 2, Min order 1

Unique to you

We understand each video editing project is different and requires special attention.

  • Over 2,000+ projects completed
  • Experience in every type of video
  • We can handle fast turnaround times
  • A full-time team of 8+ video professionals
  • 5-star rating with our customers
  • We care about the service we provide!
  • What are you waiting for? Call (833) 536-4463

Contact us for a custom quote.

Almost all projects require one of our professional video editors to review your footage and requirements. Since editing video is a visual task, we need to talk about your project before starting. Don't be afraid to contact us with questions — almost every video requires a little bit of communication before starting.

Let's talk about your video editing project

Highly experienced.

Remember we have several years of experience and a full-time team of video professionals. We can usually get you a quote pretty quickly after glancing at the footage. And since we only do video, we almost always have the best pricing.

We've edited over 2,000 videos!

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Ordering video editing.

Whether you are an individual looking to get some footage made into something awesome, or a creative agency looking to partner with an editor, our team is here. The first step is contacting us, and giving us some basic information about your project(s), but here's a little bit as to what you can expect.

For Producers & Creative Agencies

If you are a video producer, or have mutliple video projects, let us know. We'll digest your preferred styles of editing, including font choices, shot types, and familiarize ourselves with your brand's aethetics and assets.

  Introduce yourself and your company.

It helps us to know a little bit about your business. Usually we can figure out your editing style based on samples from your website or Vimeo / YouTube accounts.

  Tell us about your video requirements.

After getting to know your style it helps to set a few expectations. What sort of turnaround time are you looking for? Telling us about technical requirements is helpful too. We prefer editing in Adobe Premier but can adjust methods and organization to fit your standards.

  Start a long-lasting relationship!

Once we understand all of your preferences and needs we can streamline the editing process going forward. We want to get to know your business so we can grow a long-lasting relationship that helps your business grow faster.

For One-time Editing Projects

Looking to have a single video edited from already existing footage? Tell us what you are looking for, and describe any requirements for editing. If you aren't sure, that's OK. Our editors have hundreds of projects in experience.

  Tell us about your project.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or are a bit undecided, once we have enough information about your project we can begin editing your video.

  Upload or send us your footage.

Of course, it helps if we have the footage. You can send us your footage directly by mail or digitally. Don't worry, we respect the confidentiality of your footage. If you have any questions or concerns about footage before sending it to us, feel free to ask! As a world leader in video production we understand the importance of your footage.

  We edit and you review!

We take great pride in our work and will continue editing your project until you are satisfied with any number of revisions. We don't limit you to a number of revisions!

Ready to get an editing quote? Yeah!