Weddings: 1NVNK

This montage begins right outside of the Century Memorial Chapel in Naperville, Illinois. Audio from the officiant are mixed over video footage throughout the special day. Prior to exchanging vows, the officiant speaks to the soon to-be newlyweds. He talks about what they love about each other, special things that only they know within their relationship. Very fitting lyrics play over footage of the special day. They exchange self-written and memorized vows, before being pronounced husband and wife. After the couple walks down the aisle, the montage beings to show footage of the bride and groom taking photos together after their ceremony. A new song begins to play, this time with an upbeat celebratory feel. The couple is announced by the DJ at their reception, and the groom twirls his newlywed wife in the center of the dance floor. The couples cut the cake and they exchange a kiss. The maid of honor gives her speech and talks about how sure the couple are about their love for each other. We see footage of table shots and the guests enjoying the dance floor. The montage shows as many guests as possible in just a short time frame. During the best man’s speech music cuts in and out with the footage. He describes how Brandon has changed over the course of his relationship with Kerri. We continue to watch the bride and groom enjoying their once in a lifetime, special night. Video montages can be used to remember a wedding or any special event. Raw footage captured throughout the course of an event can be edited with music and various audio from the event to make a highlight reel that focuses on highlights of the special day. Wedding montages typically include footage from the ceremony, photo sessions, and the reception with audio supplied by the officiant, exchanging of vows, as well as speeches from the reception.

  • Montage, You Are The Best Part Of Me, Bride And Groom Getting Ready, Flower Girl, At The Altar, Self-written Vows, Memorized Vows, Naperville Wedding, Reception, Wedding Montage, Wedding Speeches, Best Man Speech, Maid Of Honor Speech, Garter Toss, Bouquet Toss
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