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This app demo video shows every step of using the app Gather, an app that allows for mobile payments inside of restaurants. Each step is accompanied by motion graphics and a close-up of a phone screen, showing what is happening on the app. Additional shots of the user paying for meals at restaurants appear alongside a variety of dishes. After the user pays for each meal, their gather cash increases – this is shown right on the app as well as with added motion graphics. The last meal shows the user using funds collected through the app to pay for a fancy dinner, all because they used the app to pay for their meals before. Creating a straightforward app how-to video ensures that the viewer will find your application easy to use. We added some fun music and synced up the shot changes with the beat to keep things interesting. We used motion graphics text that slightly resembles handwriting – just about anyone can understand how to use this application after watching this video. Title and outro cards match each other, featuring the same background and logo placement. The outro card includes additional information and features the Gather slogan, which mirrors the steps of using the application. “Search.Discover.Dine.Gather.” Using form to follow function is always a good rule of thumb when creating branding videos. Keeping things easy to understand and using language consistent with branding ensures your message will be clear to any viewer. Though this video serves to explain how to use the application, the additional branding elements give it versatility. It can be used as a web intro as well. Videos like this one work great right on a web page or social media profile or post. They can easily be sent in an e-mail blast and can be included in referral links, so users do not have to explain everything to their friends. Creating an application how-to video is as easy as having an idea. Keeping things simple is typically the best way to go. Videos can make anything easy to understand, we often tell businesses “explain it for a five year-old to understand.” This video achieves that goal, while showing potential users the benefits of using Gather.

  • Motion Graphics, App Video, Animated, Brand Film, Instructional, Edit Engine, How To, Restaurant App, Payment App, Gather, Pay With Gather
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