Music: 3W0PO

Music Video Production is a highly involved process, whether you are an established artist or just starting out – Vanilla Video can produce your music video, regardless of genre. The city of Chicago is full of places to go to film a music video, we can help you find those locations through location scouting or you can give us direction of where you would like us to film various scenes. In this music video, Vanilla Video and subsidiary Edit Engine strung together b-roll footage with shots of the artist rapping. Using the artist’s professionally recorded track we matched up footage of him rapping live to the sound of his recording. Our team of Creative Directors and Senior Videographers work together when creating music videos in order to bring an artist’s vision to life. In this music video, we juxtaposed imagery of urban motifs such as graffiti, murals, and statuary with the chorus which repeats “Everywhere I walk there’s ruins.” While we are known for show up and filming just about anything, we have the creative chops to work with any artist and design a music video that is meaningful and entertaining way. A music video like this one requires several hours of filming and days of editing before completing. While it is only three minutes long, we gathered hours of footage at various locations across the downtown Chicago area. We welcome creative projects that really require a team of us to dig in and get to work, but they do take time to plan and execute before we can deliver. What is awesome about having all that footage is that it can be mixed into other music videos or promotional videos for artists to use on their websites, social media profiles, or submitting demo tracks to venues for live gig consideration. A general rule of thumb we like to give musicians is to aim to shoot once a year, whether it is a production or just getting a live performance on video. With easy to understand pricing, there truly are options for every budget. A music video can be made out of a variety of footage and a professional recording. While filming a live performance is the easiest way to get your music on video, we can also film you or your band setting up for a gig, practicing in your garage, or just hanging out in your town. Whether we are using a pre-recorded track or plugging into your audio feed at an event, we always capture high quality sound to ensure your music video sounds as great as it looks.

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