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Summit Golf Brands designs, produces, and manufactures embellished golf gear and distributes it to golf shops across the country. SGB approached Vanilla Video with the goal to create a brand film about their business. With distribution centers and offices spread all across the country – we decided that the most efficient way to create a brand film for them was to incorporate motion graphics as well as footage from within one of their distribution centers near our Chicagoland location. This eliminated the need to travel across the country gathering footage from every one of their location, but it also meant that using interviews or testimonials might not be the right approach. Rather than using an interview voiceover in the background of the video to talk about the business, we used motion graphics text over stills to tell SGB’s story. At Vanilla Video, we believe in making life easier for our customers. With a little creativity, we stretched the footage we were able to get at SGB’s location with the use of motion graphics over photos. We found some inspirational music and edited it into the background of the video. After some time in the editing room, SGB received a beautiful and creative brand film that describes their business while strengthening their brand. Our subsidiary Edit Engine focuses solely on editing videos for our customers. It is common for them to come to us with existing footage and request that we use this footage to make a particular video for them. Depending on their needs and their budget – we can typically use what they have to create a video that works for them. This is the digital age, where content is king – and video is at the top of the heap. Collecting digital assets including photo and video means your company will always be prepared to churn out new and meaningful content that connects with your audience. Vanilla Video and Edit Engine can help turn your assets into a brand film or promotional video that are easy to share and speak effectively to your customers.

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