Music: B7F4O

Little Boy Jr. created this video to use as a social media ad to release their debut album. Using footage and sound from a live performance of the title track “Time to Behave” – Vanilla Video cut together a thirty second clip to use as an online ad. Our professional video editor incorporated motion graphics to include the band’s name as well as the name of the song/album. The video ends with an image of the record hovering over the words “Pressed to Vinyl” before the band plays the last beats of the song. Social media ads require brevity and creativity alike. The attention span of your audience on social media is incredibly short – using creative visuals and graphics in addition to a catchy song attracts fans as well as new listeners. Little Boy Jr. chose to incorporate a variety of shots and footage for their social media ad, an advantage of using Vanilla Video to film a variety of their performances throughout the years. Once Vanilla Video captures something on film, it can always be edited and incorporated into something new down the road. In this case – when Little Boy Jr. decided to release an album, they used existing footage and audio gathered from previous projects to create an advertisement. Music video production enhances business endeavors of garage bands to classical musicians alike. While every musician benefits from watching and analyzing past performances, possessing an entire library of video and audio footage makes it easy to create a variety of videos for promotional purposes as well. A music video can be made out of a single recording of a song at a live performance which can be easily shared to fans, their friends, as well as venues for potential gigs. Using professional video production makes self-promotion and advertising endeavors much easier for any type of musician, especially in this digital age where most music is consumed online.

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