Business: C1N8K

This brand film employs a voiceover to tell a brand story while footage of a manufacturing plant plays on the screen. The footage on screen allows the viewer to take a tour of the facility, while the voiceover describes various aspects of the business. The voiceover acts as a tour guide throughout the video, explaining specific aspects of the building in detail and educating the viewer about the capabilities of the manufacturing firm. Vanilla Video procured a professional voiceover actor in order to create the voiceover for this brand film. While many brand films we produce incorporate things like employee interviews as well as customer testimonials, sometimes professionals are too busy or not interested in getting in front of a camera. When this is the case, we can always take a script and work with a voiceover actor to create a brand film that mostly includes candid / b-roll footage rather than filming people speaking face-to-camera. While companies know that they absolutely need video to market their business online, but they do not know where to begin when it comes to creating videos for their website and social media pages. With Vanilla Video, we recommend simply getting the footage first. Once you have a series of clips, they can be strung together in a clean and seamless edit. We can use voiceovers from your personnel or hire an outside professional to help tell your brand’s story. Customers care about where you work and the people you employ. When it comes to customers searching for a manufacturing or engineering firm, they need to know that your shop will be capable of handling their needs and specifications. Tella Tool takes potential customers on a virtual tool of their shop – the video shows engineers as well as machinists working on a variety of different projects throughout the building. The voiceover tells the customer what they can expect when working with Tella Tools manufacturing company.

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