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Creating a product launch video is as simple – the John Galt Solutions ForecastX Product Launch Video took a fun approach to inventory forecasting technology by using playful music, motion graphics, and an easygoing voiceover. This video was designed to be built in with a landing page / order form for customers to request more information. Video is an extremely versatile tool for any business, this is just one example. Motion Graphics are a great way to explain or display a complex subject – using drawings made up of simple shapes and colors, audiences are able to understand more about the topic of the video. This is an effective way to describe technology without having to use examples or screenshots that might not mean anything to potential customers, especially if the program applies to a variety of industries. The John Galt Solutions explainer video for their new product, ForecastX Wizard uses motion graphics to describe the features and benefits of the application. In less than three minutes, a voice actor clearly explains the software’s capabilities. The video directly speaks to the target market – “the forecaster” by considering the problems these professionals face on a regular basis, such as turning an inventory forecast in less than ten minutes. This video is just one part of a project to create a series of videos to launch their ForecastX Wizard. This teaser video allows John Galt Solution’s to capture the attention of their target market, by describing how this product solves their everyday problems. At the end of the video, viewers are prompted to “click the link below” to view a full demo of the product. Animated explainer videos allow the customer to learn more without having to invest a full thirty minutes into watching an entire product demo. Once they understand more about a product and they are convinced that the product could solve their problems, they will continue to learn more about the product or make the final purchase. Offering a free demo after playing an explainer video is also a way to earn a potential customer’s contact info, by requiring them to fill out a form. John Galt Solutions is a technology company that builds programs for improving business forecasting processes. Since 1996, they have been creating software for businesses and overtime, their programs have become increasingly effective and even easier to use.

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