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This promotional video for the Match Corps Program uses tutor testimonials as well as spoken information from directors in the program to educate the viewers on how the Match Program works. Filming interviews of your organization’s team members is an easy way to collect enough footage to create a short brand film like this one. Match Corps’ promotional video begins with interview answers from current Match Corps tutors about why they wanted to join the Match Corps program. To someone who is unfamiliar with the program, the tutors paint a picture of what the program is and what it does for Chicago youth. As the video goes on, we see more information from leaders within the Match Corps program, as well as outside education experts. Viewers continue learning more and more about the match corps program while seeing footage of students and tutors interacting. Of course we can’t forget the most important players in the Match Corps Program – the students. A few students were interviewed and talk about their experience Match Corps tutors on camera. The video ends with a student giving a little plug for why someone should join the Match Corps program to work with students like him. Promotional Videos are a great way to educate any audience about your business or organization. Using real people from your organization to talk about their experience allows viewers to see the genuine story about what you do and why you do it. While they speak, they enforce your brand whether they know it or not. In Match Corps’ promotional video, it is clear that every speaker in the video cares about improving education for the kids in their schools. What makes this video effective for promotional purposes is the message that it shares – a good promo video doesn’t need anything flashy to be an effective carrier for your brand message.

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