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Edit Engine, our subsidiary company provides editing services from anyone. This means we can create an animated video like this one from a concept sent via email or discussed over the phone. Using animated motion graphics and simple pictures in bright colors is a great way to educate viewers on a complex topic or program. In this case, animation is used to talk about the possibilities of media buying using MediaRadar. Highly visual videos like this one are easy to watch and using clear text as well as a voiceover allows users to learn more about the topic in the video. Edit Engine operates on a daily or weekly basis depending on the size of the project. When customers contact us with an idea for a motion graphics video or simply footage that needs some editing – we create an estimate based on how many days it should take us to complete. If the edits are extremely minor, we start at just $39 an hour. What makes this an effective brand film is the clarity of the message being presented throughout. The video begins with telling viewers that media buying has outgrown simply thinking about television commercials and radio spots – there are a lot more methods of paid advertising to customers in this digital age. The voiceover goes on to talk about the benefits of the application, such as all of the data and information available to media planners and buyers. This is highly sought after information, especially to those buying and selling advertising spots. Motion graphics are used to illustrate the message. The voice is a lighthearted and relaxed voice – while the video looks simple, it is not childish. Using motion graphics is a great way to create a brand film when you have limited time or resources to film a live video.

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