Weddings: VJFFY

Video montages are a beautiful video rendition of moments captured throughout a special event. Our professional editors string together a collection of shots in a way that conveys the emotions of the day – from fun and upbeat, to intimate and romantic. Our team finds just the right way to present a day by finding the perfect song in our vast music library. Adding music is the easiest way to create a dazzling video that is fun to watch and share with family and friends. Vanilla Video montages can be created out of raw footage from any event two hours or longer. A montage can be ordered as an add-on, or customers can always contact us later on to create a montage from one or more events. We find that the best looking montages are those created from footage filmed by cinematic cameras, which create the out-of-focus background effect, or Depth of Field. Cinematic montages create beautiful keepsakes or promotional videos for any purpose. Montages are artistic videos created from raw footage and edited to the beat of dynamic music. These videos are comprised of unique angles and special moments which occurred throughout the course of a shoot or event. They typically include the most memorable moments of a special event allowing customers to relive the day from an artistic side. Montages vary in length, however montages created from full-day event footage typically end up being between two and three minutes. While montage makes for a great watching experience in the future, we understand customers may need help deciding if it is the right option for their event. Our on-staff cinematographers are montage experts speak with customers directly and guide them through the order process. We always explain foreign terminology and describe the difference between cinematic and traditional cameras. While a montage can be created out of any raw footage – creating a truly artist cut looks best with cinematic video footage.

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