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Effective product videos show your potential customers that your product will make their lives easier. In this product video, Simtastec demonstrates the various uses of their sanding sleeves. The sleeves make sanding easier on flat surfaces like wood and drywall, but their list of many uses goes on beyond the simple stuff. The video continues to show how easy the sleeves can be shaped to use in smaller, hard to reach areas. The demonstrator in the video shows very specific uses for the sanding sleeves. Showing customers all the uses of a product provides further value – the video shows Simtastec sanding sleeves can be used for sanding just about anything. What’s cool about this video is that the ways the sleeves can be used seems never-ending – the demonstrator even shows that they can be used to sand wet surfaces. Simtastec’s product demo video takes place in a studio and makes use of an actor to show their products. The creative director assigned to this project made decisions to ensure the sanding sleeves stayed at the forefront of the video. This is why the actor’s face is never seen and the background of the video is black. Not only does it allow for seamlessness in the edited cuts, it keeps the shots clean and simple, letting the product speak for itself. This video features heavy editing at the beginning and end. The title card includes animated logo, slogan, product name, as well as 3D images of the product packaging. Though these elements are not necessary in creating an effective product demo video – having these details in a video increase the strength of a brand’s messaging. When it comes to video – the sky is the limit. This video is just one example of our past work in product demo videos. Every brand tells a different story – Simtastec’s products are meant for hard, rugged work and every piece of their branding communicates that.

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