Music: W30HC

This black and white Rock Band music video took place in a downtown Chicago Warehouse. Vanilla Video handled location scouting and set/prop set up for the shoot. Multiple cameras including one cinematic camera, were used to capture dynamic angles of the singer and drummer, including overhead shots and shots from below eye-level. The video begins with closeups of the musicians’ instruments – shots begin to shift to different areas and angles of the stage. Shots shift to the beats of the music, giving the video a synchronized effect that is easy to watch. A pet daschund makes a cameo across the stage adding a humorous element to the video. Vanilla Video captures several shots typical to music videos featuring live performances – beyond closeups and overhead shots, we captured a shot while turning around the musicians – giving the video more movement and energy. The video is filtered with a black and white filter to eliminate the business of the warehouse where none of the scenery really in color. The black and white filter dims down the eclectic feel of the warehouse while adding an extra element of interest to the video. Music videos can be made out of any type of footage. Choosing to do a music video in a warehouse keeps things simple, yet still interesting to watch. Without much action or special effects, people watching this video can focus on the music as well as the technique of the artists. The chemistry between the artists is apparent and this video makes them look fun to watch, on screen or live at a venue. When it comes to audio for a music video from Vanilla Video, we can use a pre-recorded track or take sound live as it is performed. Depending on the location and situation, either can work. The way a music video sounds is important, Vanilla Video has the tools to make sure it sounds great.

  • Cinematic, Music Video, Warehouse Music Video, Warehouse Performance, Chicago Rock Band, Live Recording, Multi-camera, Location Scouting, Prop Set-up
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