Edit Engine Trademark and Brand Usage

This policy is for Edit Engine licensees, authorized resellers, developers, customers, and any other party wishing to use Edit Engine’s service marks, trademarks or images in promotional, advertising, instruction, reference materials, or on their website, products, packaging, or labels. Edit Engine is a brand fully owned by Vanilla Video LLC.

If you are a licensee and you have been provided special brand usage guidelines with your license agreement, please follow those guidelines. If your license agreement does not provide brand usage guidelines, use these guidelines.

This policy is designed to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo and trademarks, without having to negotiate a separate agreement with Edit Engine. If you would like to use our logo, service marks, or trademarks in a way that is not covered by this document, you absolutely must contact us with the intended use and any accompanying visuals.

Valuable Intellectual Property Acknowledgement

By following these brand guidelines, you help us protect our valuable intellectual property rights and our brand. By using a Edit Engine service mark, trademark, trade names, or trade dress, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that Edit Engine is the sole owner of the trademark and you promise not to interfere with Edit Engine’s rights in dealing with the trademark, including but not limited to Edit Engine’s use, registration of, or application to register such trademark, alone or accompanied by other words, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, by using a Edit Engine trademark, you agree that you will not misuse or cause harm to any Edit Engine trademark.

Using the Edit Engine Logo

At this time, we do not allow the usage of our image logo. If you are writing a news article or a part of a news publication and wish to use our logo, please use our Legal Contact Form.

Edit Engine Naming Conventions

Edit Engine should always be capitalized as a proper noun.

  • Do not add "TM" or "(R)" to our name.

  • Do not add "Production" or "Productions" to our name.

  • You may not shorten Edit Engine as Edit or Engine.

  • You may abbreviate Edit Engine as Ee, with one uppercase “E”, immediately followed by a lowercase “e”. The abbreviated form should not contain punctuation or spacing.

  • Our website should be written as EditEngine.com

  • Do not label a video edited or assembled by Edit Engine as an Edit Engine "production" or anything similar. Instead, refer to videos worked on by our team as Edited by Edit Engine, or a video production edited by Edit Engine, or with editing credits only.

Merchandise and manufactured items

Please note that we do not permit the use of our marks on merchandise.

Naming applications, products and domains

Do not use Edit Engine in your domain names, software or applications, products, or services in any way whatsoever without the prior written consent of Vanilla Video LLC.

Do not use Edit Engineer or Ee in relation to photography, videography, photo or video production, or any software, service or product, or website that primarily deals with photos and videos. Especially services that compete with Edit Engine.

Visual Designs

Do not copy our visuals, aesthetics, designs, website, or software applications as this could create confusion for our customers, website users, and application users.

Disparaging Manner

You may not use Edit Engine marks in a disparaging manner.

Endorsement or Sponsorship

You may not use Edit Engine, or any other Edit Engine mark, in a manner that would imply affiliation with Edit Engine, or an endorsement by Edit Engine, unless you have received explicit written authorization from us to do so.

Variations, Takeoffs or Abbreviations

You may not use variations of the Edit Engine logo for any purpose, including the phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation of a trademark for any purpose.

For example, you may not use "Edit Engine Product Name", "Edit Engine Service Name", or any other variation that may include Edit Engine or Edit Engine or Ee in prefix, suffix, or as a word part. Please avoid using Edit Engine in URLs, domain names especially.

Reporting Misuse

Edit Engine service marks, trademarks, trade names, and trade dress are valuable intellectual property assets. We take the misuse, abuse, and harm of our trademarks seriously.

Please report trademark misuse here.